Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - practise, coaching and quitting smoking too

I have kept a daily Golf Diary since last year as I worked towards 2010 and noting my results, thoughts and the things Iwas learning. Had Swing lessons in January with the club pro, I just waited until I thought I was half decent and had some ability thatcould be ‘worked’ with and the coaching was going to have an effect. which it most definately did. I actually had 3 things to be ‘looked’ at to improve my game, and did two lessons; 1) Swing Plane – action was corrected to be more Inside/Out and stopped the slice i had. Lesson 2) Pitching/Chipping – I practise this but never seemed to have it quite right – Follow through technique was not right and using wrists instead of fore arms and the most important part to finish every hole Bloody F@%#King “Putting” have never been consistent or settled in this part of the game. Now 2 months later after the game this weekend am very happy it was the hardest part to change after the lessons. Putting is a very personal feel thing and the adjustment and confidence in the changes took a lot longer to adapt to. The quit smokes is a doddle with the Champix tablets and damn I feel better already lol
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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