Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - returning to my sport of choice

Welcome to my obsession! The good thing is you have the same problem in most cases if you are reading this at I Seek So forget about this being anything close to sensible balanced opinionating and comments. Good grief it is about how golf is intertwined with my life. Admittedly most of the extremes with my golf are covered with the words; “going internally berserk” but among golfers it is not even noticeable.

Had to think twice at how long I have been playing again and it was in May 2009 that I started out on the course again with a 32 handicap to start. Played virtually every day for that month, every second day in June and by July had a routine of sorts that included playing 9 holes a couple of days a week 18 on Sunday Comps and 1-2 hr practise sessions on the other days. In a position to be able to do that and it suits me and if you have any failure to get what golf is for me, read the first sentence again lol. Mind you also missed out on a lot of practise hits with soft tissue injuries up to Dec. 2009. The best one being the straining of scar tissue in my back and ribs from a car accident in 1983. F@#!king hurt a lot for 6 weeks and had to play in the “C” grade finals with it. The good thing being that the injury was actually a part of putting my back muscles into being where they should be in my body after having healed “crooked” so it was a good thing. The Pain sucked and anyone who wants to recommend “No pain No gain” I hope you enjoy me kicking your groin as hard as I can and helping you to improve.

Soon purchased a new set of Shark XLT clubs on sale at Drummond’s clearance. a 2006-7 model but for $195 good value quality stainless steel cavity, steel shaft 3-Sw Irons Drivers 1-3-5 Titanium Head, carbon shafts. I played all my competitive golf with my Irons mostly, preferring the accurate consistency over the wayward spraying with the driver and No. 3 wood. Each golfer has their own ‘way’ of playing mine worked for me. In the 2009 season using iron’s only I won two monthly medals, won the club handicap championship, Won handicap section in two club opens “C” grade and second in another.No 1 Driver has been replaced with a King Cobra S9.1 driver as it broke. Simply the face of the club began to cave in as it was made with lesser quality metal after less than 3 months use up to Jan 2010. Here is the first new thing learnt since returning to golf; Technology makes a huge difference. Even at my best with the original driver I was still 20 to 30 metres on average shorter than with the Cobra. Had made the decision to not have any lessons until I was at least half decent at golf and on 20, Was putting in a serious effort to reach that figure in Jan and it was when the driving went to shreds at this time I had a lesson. The club professional actually picked up the face damage during the lesson plus gave me some valuable coaching. Even so the two weeks of lost club golf cost me the target and I made it to 22 when the time had ran out. No complaints it was a bonus really. I wanted to reach 20 and qualify for “B” grade in the Sth Ports Tournament instead played “C” grade and came second after the three days. So here I sit this weekend 14/3/10 opening day is a Pinehurst comp. and the season commences today, with the Captain’s Trophy next weekend 21st followed by the 1st qualifying round for the club Handicap Championship. Going to try and reach 16-15 hcp in 2010, the Cobra driver definitely makes that achievable. Managed to play to 16 socially a couple of times over summer but winter golf is a lot harder.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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