Friday, June 04, 2010

Golf - Putting practise tool

Play Your Best Golf - Break 90 Vol 1
Can’t go past a few days away from home to refresh the mind and body, first break in a couple of weeks from working and did the world of good. Looked forward to getting back on the course and hitting a few balls around as well. The final 16 has been split into two groups of 8 for the Handicap matchplay elimination rounds. My group is headed by the best qualifier and apart from two players on 10 and 11 the other six are on 20-25 hcps. So far two of the matches have been decided the player on 10 hcp lost to a 21 handicapper 4/3 and the top qualifier (25hcp) won his first match 2/1 against a 20 Hcp player.

Playing my match tomorrow or the day after, drawn against a guy I have played with the past two weeks and giving him a stroke on 3 holes our respective handicaps are 21 (mine) and 24 (his). Will be an interesting match as there has not been much between us although I have been better over 18 holes in the final scoring of the past rounds. The match play index is different to the weekly competition playing index but not too much difference Number 1 M/play is the No. 2 Stroke play indexed hole, Number 2 M/play is No. 9 S/play and Number 3 M/play is the No. 4 Stroke play indexed hole. Must admit that I am fairly indifferent to the possible if any effect this can have on the outcome. Confident that I can win and have been fine tuning my putting and pitching that past week. My pitching has been a positive in my game of late getting within one put range. My putting has been in the doldrums though, not devastating in effect on my usual game but not at the level required to win matchplay and put pressure on opponents.

I had some putting coaching in February which improved my technique and accuracy. The club professional used this tool that is simply a metal tube which has two 20 cm pins at each end that stick into the green. Then it is a matter of putting balls with the club shaft running back and forth along the tube. It makes is easy to concentrate on the movement technique without concern about the club movement. During my trip away a visit to a hardware store ended up with me getting some towel railing and a couple of long tent pegs that have since been put together and I have my own putting tool for practise with now. This has been put to good use and the benefits are very noticeable already.

Have been concentrating on using the Driver to better effect in practise and that has made me reconsider the decision to use it less often. It has taken a bit of work to improve but again it was simply a matter of technique on the tee. Not being the best of golfers and only enthusiastic about improving my game, it takes me a while to identify my various faults and correct them one at a time. Presumably you have heard the words “see a professional” often enough when asking for assistance with your own game. That is not always possible, in fact we have only had a resident club pro for the past two years. In my own example though I have had coaching on three parts of my game, Driver, pitching and putting. Without doubt this has been well worth it and together with my filming of my stroke play keeps my game consistent and is money well worth spending. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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